Cutting-Edge Wedding Decor Trend That’s A Gem

Cutting-Edge Wedding Decor

WOW, Look at that Rock! (And No, Not the One on your Finger) Looking for something bold yet classic? Colorful yet simple? Natural yet elegant? This new trend is cutting-edge wedding decor – literally. Agates and geodes are specialty cut stones, sliced and shined to reveal their natural beauty. As it turns out, they fit […]

Wedding Swag Bag Ideas

Wedding Swag Bag Ideas

Chocolate, bubbles, candles, and even butter spreaders… the list doesn’t stop there! Way too often, couples spend tons of cash on wedding favors that are either eaten on the spot or stashed in a drawer. We would like to introduce to you “The Swag Bag.” Filled with useful and fun accoutrements, this welcome bag can […]

Some Of Our Favorite Wedding Escort Card Ideas

Wedding Escort Card Ideas

After countless hours of consideration and thoughtful discussion, the seating chart has been finalized. All of your guests have been strategically placed in exactly the right spot to see your entrance, avoid “that” cousin, enjoy conversation with a colleague or simply just to enjoy the evening. And now, the decision of how to display their […]